Song Xiao-ping ("Xiao")

Numberphile Sleuth


Xioa is an individual who has talents for a clear mind and a strong memory. He once memorized “The Art of War” to prove that he could and hey it also got him a date with Alisha King.

Xioa also has a knack for noticing the fine details and connecting dots.

Some identifying characteristics include:
- a magnifying glass
- a mind palace (the place where he stores his data)

He has a dark secret that will come out through the game.


Xioa was raised mostly in the west at a boarding school, coming home only for the holidays and special occasions. Xioa was afforded the greatest of educations with a well-rounded focus. while in the west Xioa gained a reputation for transporting information and the ability to work with and remember numbers.

Relationships of note include: one younger sister who hates Xiao. There are also two older aunts and one uncle. Aunt one is the mother of the “twins”; aunt two is horrible with money and holds large debts. the uncle is an open drug addict – opium.

Events of Note:
15: Romance with a low-level counterfeiter; lasted four years until Xioa returned home. Alisha King.

16: This year Xioa gained an enemy because she was more enamored with my GF. The woman serves in section 1 of the military branch

17: This year Xiao did a high level executive a favor and made 80K and he owes me a favor.

18: Xiao was taken hostage by the Peng family for ransom; however, Xiao was able to escape and suffered minor psychological trauma that required five months of intensive intervention to treat. Occasionally, Xioa gets feelings of claustrophobia.

19: While waiting for a followup session with the counsellor I met this corporate technician and we took a coffee. We became good friends. He name is Lan (orchid).

20: Fuck Lan she was a plant from the Peng family and took the money from me that I earned when I was 17.

21: Xioa makes a new friend. Her name is Meili; she is a Song family body guard.

22: Awesome year where everything was in perfect balance

23: I did a job with Lee Jiaying for which we corroborated on a job. We both memorized the odd and even respective words of this document for the Lee family. We still go to films and coffee.

Song Xiao-ping ("Xiao")

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