Song Tao

Assassin for Hire



Birth to 5 Years of Age: Lived and raised by family and close relatives.

5 Years of Age to 15 Years of Age: Mother and fathers falling out at age 12 caused a rift in the family and, as a result, was raised from this point on almost entirely by his grandmother. Brother and grandmother were his few family during these years.

15 Years of Age to 20 Years of Age: Began learning the family trade and meeting extended family. Made and lost friends, learned many lessons the hard way and met a young woman who would alter his perception of the world.

20 Years of Age to present: Became a Red Pole and started earning further responsibility and respect in the family.

15 Year Event
Friend – Female – Street Dealer
Alana was the first non-family contact that Tao made. They met late at night in a bar that they were both far too young to be in. The friendship formed easily and was beneficial for them both.

16 Year Event
Friend – Male – Organized Crime – Division Boss – Song Family Ceremonies Officer
Tao met Song Jintui one very rainy night. An important lawyer, whose practice was established with help from the family, was refusing to pay his dues and Jintui needed some extra muscle. By the end of it, Tao took a bullet meant for Jintui and earned his respect.

17 Year Event
Tradgedy – Betrayed by Alana
She owed some important people some serious money. The plan: ride along with Tao on a delivery and then have it ambushed. It was a risk but it worked. Li found his brother and the other three Song men in an alley several hours later. Tao was the only survivor and would spend a week in hospital. Alana was not found.

18 Year Event
Romance – Yao Spirit
Tao ‘met’ Xiulan one spring day in a park. She was beautiful and perfect. ‘Almost too perfect’ Tao would think back, eight months later. She disappeared as quickly as she had come into his life. Four years later, he still thinks about her and keeps his eyes open should he happen to see her again.

19 Year Event
Friend – Male – Actor – Relative
Song Junjie always got along well with the girls and was just one of those people who sauntered through life, enjoying it’s benefits. Becoming an actor seemed natural; befriending a triad enforcer while training in Wushu didn’t.

20 Year Event
Fortune – Know a Secret
If he hadn’t heard it with his own ears, Tao never would have believed it. But he did. I guess what they say is right, ‘Always be in the right place at the right time.’

21 Year Event
Friend – Female – Government – Criminal Investigation/Special Agent
Saving a police officers life (Chang Qiao) after a drug shipment gets busted and goes bad is a good idea. Especially when it’s your families drugs and the police officer becomes your friend. Okay, so it’s a friendship based on mutual assistance but it’s still something.

22 Year Event
Li Chen, the daughter of Li family division boss, Li Niu, was killed accidentally by Tao in a botched attempt to hijack a shipment of tech. Now there’s a price out on Tao’s head. Some years just really kick you when you’re down.

Song Tao

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