Song Jia

Empress of the Song family.


Jia (jee-eh; meaning goodness, outstanding person) is a very typical spoiled nineteen year old from China… for all intents and purposes she is the quintessential “Paris Hilton” of China’s elite and upper class. She attends every important party, wears only the latest fashions from around the world, and is constantly shopping with her three “besties”.

Jia is the only daughter of the Elder Song – he loves and cares for her a great deal and is extremely over-protective. There is never less than 6 elite personal guard around her at any time. She has become quite used to their presence and most times doesn’t even realize they are there.

Jia realizes that her father has placed a great deal of hope in her and ultimately does not want to let him down – but the pressures of having fun have so far outweighed those of responsibility and obligation. At least for the time being…


Song Jia

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