Song Fei

Charismatic Drama Star



Charming and smiling, seductive and flawless, emotional and enthusiastic; Song Fei is the visual embodiment of the physical qualities one would expect in a young, successful male actor.

Song Fei is known for his gorgeous smile, deep eyes and soft features. His body type is slender, and he is rarely seen outside of the absolute highest of fashion. His fashion sense only grew greater after a year spent in Seoul.

Current Visual Specifications

After his successful drama hit in which his character had blonde hair, Song Fei’s tips remain blonde, though he is letting his natural roots grow in.


Song Fei wears many faces, and each one is attached to the mood he is in at the time.

This mood is the most common state to see Song Fei in. He is generally smiling, and when he does so, it is seen as harmless and innocent.

When anything at all seems to go his way, Song Fei is pleased. He is generally smiling, and when he does so, it is seen as harmless and innocent.

This mood is a frequent one to catch Song Fei in. He is generally found making silly facial gestures, or funny quips when he is feeling a bit like a clown.

It is rare to see Fei serious outside of specific situations, but there are times where he recognizes work and contracts as opportunities that require a serious demeanor, and his acting abilities allow him to present himself as that of a professional.

It is rare to catch Song Fei this upset. Most recently, this state has been more prevelent, whenever “Season 2” is mentioned or he has interactions related to Moon Ji-u or her family.


Song Fei spent the early portion of his life in mischief, earning the nickname ‘little menace’. It became clear to Fei’s father that his younger boys would benefit from a tougher upbringing that resembled his own. Fei was sent along with his older brother Song Feng to the rural temple where their father learned the Tao’s.

Under the direction of Master Weisheng, Fei learned of the Tao’s, responsibility, honour and respect. Fei learned the martial arts alongside Song Feng and Huang Mei, daughter of one of the Song Family’s most loyal enforcers at the time. Mei proved to have an exemplary understanding of honor and duty, and his brother portrayed great affinity towards the Tao’s and a sense of duty to the family. Master Weisheng referred to Fei as the dreamer, partly due to his naive optimism and immaturity.

At the age of fifteen, Fei returned to life in the city once again. He fell right back into a lazy lifestyle, including the time spent his studies. As a result, he was required to attend summer school where he met Chen Hsu, a slacker from a middle income family. The two became fast friends.

It was winter break the following year when Fei traveled with his older brother and father to Seoul for a business trip to negotiate a next export location. Excited to experience the Seoul nightlife, Fei convinced his brother to go out with him dancing. It was here that he met Park Seo-Yeon, a beautiful, rebellious girl from South Korea. The two danced together for an hour before Seo-Yeon’s boyfriend arrived with his friends, starting a fight instantly with Fei. Fei managed to evade a few of the blows before taking a right hook to the face. Realizing that Fei was in trouble, his older brother jumped in and beat up Seo-Yeon’s boyfriend and every friend brave enough to have stuck around after. Seo-Yeon broke up with her boyfriend right there and the spot, giving Fei her phone number. They continued their friendship via text from that night forward.

Song Feng was forced to report Fei’s shortcomings in fighting to their father, which resulted in a mandatory training regiment. Mr. X looked no further than the daughter of his deceased loyal Enforcer, Huang Yu. Huang Mei was ordered to follow Fei along his work, day and night. Fei did not get along very well as students in the monastery, and their relationship continued that way at first. It was clear that Fei’s laziness in the dojo annoyed Mei, and Mei’s inability to socialize at night upset Fei. But then something clicked, and they seemed to understand one another. It wouldn’t have surprised anyone if the two reported that they were dating, but they never really looked at one another that way. Instead, they used their strengths to teach one another about life.

  • Birth – 5 Years of Age: Lived with family, often causing mischief. In some cases, inadvertant mischief.
  • 5 Years of Age – 15 Years of Age: Lived in monestary with Master Weisheng. Taught to harness qualities and eliminate weaknesses, but didn’t do so well at the elimination part.
  • 15 Years of Age – 18 Years of Age: Transfered from the Monastic Homeschool to regular school. Realized just how well his looks benefited his advancement in life. Landed a lead role on a hit Korean based drama last year, co-starring with a Korean actress he met in his youth.
15 Year Event: Chen Hsu
  • Friend – Male – Civil Service Office Worker
  • Portrayed by: Wen Zhang
  • Chen was one of the first people Fei met when he returned from the monastery. They attended summer school together, as they both failed to produce acceptable scores. It is only natural that Chen would go on to have a less than respectable ‘paper pushing’ job after high-school.
16 Year Event: Park Seo-Yeon
  • Friend – Female – (My Choice)Korean Actress
  • Portrayed by: Lee Yoon-ji
  • Fei met Yoon-ji dancing in Seoul while on a family business trip with Father and his brother, Song Feng. By dancing with her, Fei accidentally started a fight with her boyfriend and his friends, which Feng finished. They broke up after, and we remained texting ever since.
17 Year Event: Huang Mei
  • Friend – Female – Monastary
  • Portrayed by: Zhang Yuqi (Kitty)
  • One of the youthful kids Fei didn’t get along with, but they hit it off as friends after returning to society and growing up a bit. Kitty is tough and presents herself as stoic, but in truth is rather lonely and afraid of life.
18 Year Event: Li Ai
  • Friend – Female – Corporate – Negotiator
  • Portrayed by: Liu Yi Fei
  • Formal ‘date’ to a very important function. The two bantered well together, and despite their opposite personalities, they complimented one another for the function quite well.
19 Year Event: Hun Eun Hee
  • Stalker- Female – Number One Fan
  • Portrayed by: IU
  • A girl from a very wealthy family that stops at nothing to harass Fei at every given moment, since his character on the popular drama took off. Rumor has it she moved to China when he was deported just to be ‘closer’ to him.
Forbidden Lover: Moon Ji-u
  • Co Star and Forbidden Lover
  • Portrayed by: Park Shin Hye
  • The daughter of a politician from South Korean connected to organized crime. Also the co-star of Fei’s hit Korean drama. The two fell in love and had a brief love affair before Ji-u’s father found out, effectively canceling the second season of the show and deporting Song Fei back to China.

Song Fei

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